My tips and advice after living and working remotely throughout North America and Europe for nearly three years.

Articles about digital nomads often imply a false choice about life: you can either stay rooted in one place while working a soul-crushing job, or you can live on a beach in Bali and wipe sand off of your keyboard for just long enough to scrape together a living online. There’s a huge amount of room between those extremes, and I’ve been living somewhere in it.

My girlfriend Ali and I have been nomadic since mid-2018. Along the way, we have both worked full-time as digital product designers for companies based in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Buenos Aires. …

By 2030 — fourteen years from now — I believe it will be unusual to see a car being driven by a person. In many cities or countries, driving your own car will be illegal.

I suspect that the first cities with mandatory adoption of self-driving electric vehicles will be in China. The country’s countless megacities are hobbled by traffic, the air is choked with smog, and the government is authoritarian enough to make sweeping changes to transportation policy overnight. …

A journal of my week-long adventure inside the
world’s most reclusive and repressive country.

by Ryan Nee

Only about 750 western tourists visit North Korea per year, so when you confess to friends that you are voluntarily vacationing in the world’s most notorious dictatorship, they tend to be taken aback. Some would ponder, “Why would you go to North Korea?” while others were more blunt: “Why in the holy living fuck would you go to North Korea?” After a while, I just said Korea without the geographic clarifier, which quelled some concern.

I’ve always liked traveling to the weird ends of the world. Paris and London are great, but I have gotten a peculiar…

As the school shifts toward online curriculum,
a graduate reflects on the value of his
design education.

Note from June 2019: This article started getting a lot of readers suddenly, about five years after it was published. I still believe what I wrote here, but I have no knowledge of RMCAD’s current administration, faculty, students, or curriculum. This was written in the early days of a big digital transformation within higher education (at RMCAD and everywhere else), so I’m sure there are more up-to-date perspectives on this topic. If you’re considering going to RMCAD, talk to current students and faculty about their experiences as you make your decision — they will be much more helpful and knowledgeable…

Ryan Nee

I’m an avid traveler hellbent on visiting more than 100 countries before I die. Nomadic since 2018. Designing things for the internet since 1997.

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